Sydney Travel Guide

Although it is not the capital of Australia, Sydney is definitely the most spectacular and famous city in Oceania. It is easily recognizable thanks to the bay and the Opera House and stated as the most famous residence in the world.

Australia’s old town has a population of about 4 million and has an area greater than 1100 square kilometers; despite this the city is run very well thanks to the efficient public transport which is consisted of trains, buses and ferries. In addition to the incredible buildings with modern the architecture, the city is also home to beautiful parks and beaches loved by surfers around the globe. Although the opinion is subjective for the city of Sydney, they all agree that the city is really beautiful. Strolling along the seafront district of The Rocks or on the wharf at Woolloomooloo Wharf it just takes your breath away from the beauty of the landscape.

Among the things you will remember is the magnificent Opera House, the reminiscent of the sails of ships, with three theaters inside: the Drama the Theatre, and the Studio Playhose. Beautiful are also the customs called Custom House, which dates back to 1845. The Contemporary Art Museum, the amazing Hyde Park, the Gothic Cathedral of St Mary in 1821, the Royal Botanic Gardensi and finally Sydney’s Tropical Centre. Even the night life is overwhelming and above all other Australian cities. Its beaches are incredible stretched in two directions, giving rise to a succession of beaches with golden sand that is easily accessible, such as the real icon of the legendary Bondi Beach.

All the attractions are within a walking distance from the city center. Sydney’s Harbor is a huge natural home of most of the attractions of the city. At sunset, but if you cannot try any other time, take the ferry leading to Manly and live in the middle of one of the most beautiful sights of Sydney which is the less expensive. Do not even miss a romantic dinner along the Rocks precinct or on the beach at the Balmoral. Sydney’s climate is very special especially with the rest of the country; the weather is almost always tempered neither too hot nor too cold. It is like having two seasons. In winter, the temperatures hover around 20 degrees with some humidity in the evening light, which consequently implies you to use a jacket. In summer, the heat is bearable but be very careful in the sun, it is very strong.

The Opera House

The Opera House as well as being the symbol of the city is also an architectural marvel. It was designed by a danish architect named Jorn Utzon and it opened in 1973. It is located in the Harbour of Sydney and precisely in Bennelong Point, surrounded by magnificent gardens and the Australian waters. Thanks to the Australian art companies this building attracts more than two million spectators every year. Among the best rooms is the majestic Concert Hall, which is the largest. If you happen not to miss the Sydney Festival in January there is also the possibility of organized tours that take you backstage and inside some areas that are off limits.

The City ​​Center

All or almost the best of Sydney. It is located in the central area of the city among skyscrapers, bars, chic shops, shopping malls, art galleries and the legendary “The Rock” historic area. To orient yourself just look at the Sydney Tower which is the largest skyscraper in Australia. The tower offers incredible views with a 360° which on a clear day you can admire the Blue Mountains. Circular Quay is the central point of the city and in order to arrive here with the transport networks it will you lead you to major attractions such as the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, the Macquarie Street, the building of Queen Victoria and the Strand Arcade.


One of the places not to be missed in Sydney is without doubt the Aquarium. You can find all the species of tropical fish directly from the largest coral reef in the world, the pure Australian fish. In addition to fish you can see crocodiles, sharks and some small species that are enlarged up to 40 times.

Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are amazing and their beauty will leave you breathless even for you guys who are not concerned. Inside you will find lakes, forests, palm trees and an incredible view. Do not miss the Fernery of Sydney that exposes a plethora of amazing ferns and the Tropical Centre with its collection of tropical plants.

Harbour Bridge

It is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, the best way to fully enjoy it is to climb the 200 steps leading up to the top. From there you will enjoy a spectacular view of the harbor, the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is the beach for simple excellence, one of the most famous of the world, certainly the most amazing on the Australian soil. Just twenty minutes from downtown it is a real point of aggregation, as well as an escape for many people. The beach is composed of kilometers of fine sand where surfers and tourists from all over the globe are setting in their shows. Campbell Parade is the parallel street to the beach; you can find lots of bars, restaurants and ice cream parlors, clothing stores as well as incredible roads and bikinis. Strength of it is the road from Bondi to Bronte, where you can admire the beautiful reef carved by the sea and the pedestrian area of ​​Tamarama Beach, where there are great restaurants and villas of the rich and famous people.

Double Bay

Double Bay is located in the east of Sydney and is only minutes away by ferry from the Circular Quay. It is the area where you can meet class people and celebrities, as well as boutiques and incredible large rooms used as jewelry from the best brands. The area is rich in green and the roads are surrounded by beautiful strings of trees. In this little port you can see the Cruising Yacht Club, the Knox Street in the center and the Neilsen Park with its beautiful beaches.

The Rocks and the Circular Quay

The Rocks is a historic district and it is located in the middle of the town, just 10 minutes’ walk from the Circular Quay. Go and lose yourself along the way in paths that look like a maze, surrounded terraced houses dating back two centuries ago and warehouses, beautiful grounds, pubs, restaurants and wonderful shops. The waters of the bay along the route make the area very romantic and the Harbour Bridge is the icing on the cake. For the more intrepid it is recommend the climbing in the beautiful landscapes. Another good viewpoint is lookout of Pylon. You will find pubs in the city’s oldest and finest markets on weekends.

Taronga Zoo

Located on the spectacular coast of the Harbour of Sydney and it is home to the Australian wildlife and animals from around the world. It is not to be missed especially if you have children.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach is the most discussed and preferred by the inhabitants of Sydney. It is 30 minutes from the Circular Quay. Additionally, it is well known for its beautiful sandy beaches and for everything that turns around such as shops, restaurants and a beautiful promenade. Do not miss the Ocean world, the beautiful path of the Spit Bridge of Manly and the craft market.

Wategos, Byron Bay

Situated nearly 800 km north from Sydney, Byron Bay offers the most spectacular beaches in Australia. In addition to the beautiful waves to ride it is easy to find in dolphins that swim near the shore. Since the 70′s the place is the absolute destination for surfers from around the world. Be careful because of the beach in Kings Beach, Broken Head is occupied only by nudists and curious are not frowned upon. Do not miss the sunset along the coast; you can admire one of the many restaurants and bars that are overlooking the sea.


If you are looking for special people and special actors, directors, musicians, several artists and writers, then Balmain is the place for you my friend. Just a 10 minute ferry ride from the Circular Quay which is visited mostly at night can take you to this incredible place. It is famous thanks to its lively nightlife. They are in fact many of the local theatres, restaurants and jazz music accumulated in the centre. Do not miss the Balmain Sailing Club race in October and the city markets that are opened every Saturday.

Jervis Bay

Culburra Beach, Callala Bay and Green Patch Beach are just some of the spectacular bays that are part of Jervis’s Bay, located less than 200 km from Sydney on the south coast. Jervis Bay stretches from north to south for 15 km and has a width of 10 km. The top of Jervis Bay dives with its crystal clear waters and amazing caves, rocks and marine life. Do not miss the Booderee National Park, the pristine nature, the Hyams Beach with its white sand and the Hole in the Wall where you should dive and enjoy the underwater world. Between June and November you can also see the whales.

Chinatown and Haymarket (Spanish Quarter)

These three layers of special districts offer an alternative cuisine and a daily life where you can spend a few hours differently. Many tourists are attracted to these neighbourhoods because of their incredible Asian markets and breathe that difference that make the city more special. In Chinatown you can find shops that sell very specific and low-cost items, especially on the weekends. At the Haymarket from the other are bars, theatres and cinemas open till late at night, always full of young but not only. Very close to The lively Spanish Quarter, with 80 meters of pure delights you can try the best cuisine in the Iberian, from all the famous Paella Valenciana. These are just three quarters 15 minutes from the Circular Quay.

These include the Spanish quarter in September, when the festival of the Iberian cuisine is on, with tapas, sangria, and flamenco shows. In February, in Cgina Town when the Chinese New Year is on the fest is accompanied by shows and parades. Do not even miss the most popular flea market, Paddy’s Market, a show at the Capitol Theatre and Sydney’s Entertainment Centre.

Darling Harbour

Just 10 minutes from downtown, Darling Harbour is one of the most beautiful areas of the city both day and night. The bay is very romantic, and if you walk down King Street Wharf and Cockle Bay Wharf you will make your partner crazy cause bars, cafes, restaurants and a shopping center appear from nowhere. Darling Harbour is also very famous because from there you can catch boats, sailboats and yachts for mini-tour. Do not miss Sydney’s Wildlife World, the Star City Casino, the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Growers’ Market, the Aquarium with the IMAX screen and the fish Markets.

Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo

Kings Cross is perhaps the most famous entertainment district of Australia. It buzzes with nightclubs, live music and night clubs. The area with best nightlife is Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point and Woolloomooloo. If you are traveling in the area once a year you will see how this area evolves with new premises, new bars and new clubs. The most famous are the Soho Bar,the Bourbon, the Hugo’s Lounge and the Wine Garden. Do not miss the colonial homes of Elizabeth Bay House, theTusculum and the fountain of El Alamein.


Manly is located approximately thirty-minute by a ferry ride from the Circular Quay and is a impossible to miss for anyone that is visiting Sydney. It is located in a quiet beach overlooking the bay and a famous beach on the Pacific Ocean. The center is a quaint main street and surrounded by palm trees and restaurants that come down to trendy Steyne, the seafront. Manly has the honor of being the first beach to have a smoking ban. There are many paths linking the beaches to the national park. Try walking along the road from Manly to Spit Bridge, the view is great. Do not miss a dive among the sharks at Manly’s Ocean world and the Cabbage Tree Bay.

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney’s Olympic Park is the Olympic complex built and modernized especially for the Olympics of 2000, which took place in Sydney. The complex offers not only ultra-modern sport facilities, but also a wide expanse of parks. The most popular is the Bicentennial, which is crossed by a network of trails and bike paths. You can rent a bike and run along the predetermined path to see the whole village. Try the Game Trail tour with the representations of the stories and the most significant moments of those days. Finally, do not miss a visit at the Observation Deck, which is located at 17 th floor.