How to Find Your Soulmate

Soulmates are two people preordained from their pre-existence to be together as a couple and are connected spiritually and emotionally at a higher level. A Soulmate love relationship is the most powerful relationship known to man and often people who believe in soulmates tell us that they cannot live without finding each other. Does everyone have one? The answer is yes. Did you know that 80% of men and women say that they know they have a soulmate but don’t know how to recognize or find their soulmate?

How about you?

  • Do you know how to find your soulmate?
  • Do you know the soulmate signs to look for?
  • Do you know what makes two people soulmates?
  • Are you confident enough to recognize your soulmate if you met the person?
  • Do you know the definition of soulmates?
  • Or maybe you may have asked yourself, “How do I find my soulmate?”

Would you like to learn all about how to find your soulmate, in as little as five minutes? If you are serious, we can help! Seize this opportunity to do something that will benefit you RIGHT NOW! All the information you need to be successful at finding your soulmate can be yours in How to Identify Your Soulmate: A Comprehensive Manual on Finding Your Soulmate – 2nd Edition.


Great job on the book! –B. Ragaglia, Editor, Vision Magazine This book shows you the fastest, easiest, and best way to learn how to find your soulmate, or to find answers to your soulmate questions and concerns.

How to find your soul mate

Soul mates are not difficult to find if you know what you are doing. Please take just two minutes to learn how easy it is. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. But first let me introduce myself. I am Ernest Quansah. I specialize in relationship success in general including Soulmate relationships, interracial relationship, and interracial Soulmate relationships. I studied counseling at the University of British Columbia and philosophical counseling at the University College of Fraser Valley, BC, Canada.

I am dedicated to helping you find your soul mate, learn the definition of soul mate, meaning of soul mate, the soulmate signs to look for, and what makes you and a love interest soul mates. If you search on the Internet for the name “Ernest Quansah” you will find that I wrote the book on soulmates called How to Identify Your Soulmate. You will also find that my articles on soulmates have been published all over the ‘Net. Many have been translated into other languages. Learn how to find your Soulmate in our book How to Identify Your Soulmate: A Comprehensive Manual on Finding Your Soulmate – 2nd Edition.

How can you benefit?

  • You will learn the definition of soulmate.
  • You will know what makes you and another person soulmates.
  • You will have the keys to finding your soulmate.
  • Finally you will know the soulmate signs to look for.
  • You will finally have someone who cares for and about you.
  • You will become much happier and will be happily in love.
  • Your love life with your soulmate will blossom.
  • You will become more confident and your self-esteem will increase.
  • You will become healthier and feel more secure and safe with your soulmate.
  • If you are in an interracial soulmate relationship, it will excel.
  • You will have someone—a soulmate—with whom you will be able to connect at a higher level.
  • With your soulmate, you will receive unconditional love.

The last chapter in How to Identify Your Soulmate: A Comprehensive Manual on Finding Your Soulmate- 2nd Edition asks and answers any Soulmate questions and concerns imaginable.
Sound too good to be true? I understand. All I ask is that you stay with me and let me explain.
Have you ever met someone or been in a relationship with someone you thought was your soulmate, just to find out that you were wrong? Has that ever happened to you?
If so, here is why: There are two simple secrets you MUST know in order to find your soulmate and to enjoy the benefits I mentioned above.

Secret # 1. The first and most essential secret you need to have in order to find your soulmate is INFORMATION. For example, an excellent source of information is a book or manual you can learn from and use to help you achieve your soulmate goals or find solutions to your soulmate concerns.
Look at it this way: When you go on a vacation, and you want to know where to go for sightseeing or to find where all the good restaurants are, you get information in the form of a brochure, map, travel guide, or a book, right? Similarly, if you want to find your soulmate, all you need is INFORMATION that comes in the form of a book or a manual. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Secret # 2. The second most critical secret is CONFIRMATION. Here is how it works. You use the information you have about soulmates to first find your potential soulmate. The next step is that you seek confirmation that the two of you are indeed soulmates. Confirmation is a form of guarantee that you have found your soulmate. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! We wrote the book on soulmates. We have spent years studying this subject. And we know that a CONFIRMATION is absolutely critical. Does it make sense now why 80% of men and women say they know they have a soulmate out there but they do not know how to recognize their soulmate?  If we offer to show you how to get a confirmation that someone you have met, someone you are interested in, or someone with whom you are already in a relationship is your soulmate, would you allow me to?


How to Identify Your Soulmate will help you find your soulmate, guaranteed! But before we tell you how you can purchase this incredible resource, we have just one more very IMPORTANT THING TO SHARE WITH YOU. And we NEED YOUR ATTENTION. What we are about to share with you about how you find your Soulmate is something very few people in our society are privileged to know. All successful people have one thing in common. When they see an opportunity to improve themselves socially or financially, they ACT. Why? Because they know that if they wait or hesitate for just a few minutes, before they know it, they might change their mind or the opportunity might slip away. The next thing they know, procrastination sets in, and the opportunity to succeed might be lost for good. Understanding this very POWERFUL and IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE is the key to your immediate success and finding your Soulmate. The window of opportunity to learn how to find your soulmate is being presented to you. It is up to you to do your part. You hold the key to your immediate success. Only you can allow success into your love life. Here is a perfect example.

When Barack Obama first considered running as a U.S. presidential candidate, he hesitated. He did not think he would win, and he almost gave up his dream. Guess what? During a lunch meeting with a friend—an older senator—Barack informed his friend about his decision not to enter the democratic nomination because he did not think he would be nominated. His friend encouraged Mr. Obama to enter the race. Barrack Obama seized the opportunity by acting right away. He announced his candidacy for President of the United States and won the election. What do you think would have happened if he hadn’t acted ?

How about you? Will you hesitate, and possibly lose your chance for success? Seize this opportunity to find your soulmate—today! You know what, friends? Never assume that if you let this opportunity to learn everything you can about soulmates or to find your soulmate slip by, that there will be another one. Do something good for you NOW that will bring you happiness. If you are willing to use the above POWERFUL SECRETS and PRINCIPLE—the KEY to success—to your advantage, it will set you apart from everyone else.